The currency in India is the Indian rupee. This is, at present, a restricted currency and cannot be bought abroad. You will need to change your sterling/euros /USD for rupees at the airport on arrival and change any remaining rupees back on departure. Credit cards can be used in an ever increasing number of establishments but cash is still the easiest form of currency. It is now possible to withdraw money from the ATM (All major Nationalist Bank) in most towns.

Travel Light

You will not need a great deal of luggage. Some hotels on the tours can do your laundry for you.

Local Customs

Please remember that Indians take their religious faith very seriously; cover your legs and upper arms when visiting a place of worship so as not to cause offence. You will need to remove your shoes before entering a place of worship (Temples); feet are seen as unclean so please try to avoid pointing them towards other people or a religious image;

If eating with your fingers, please use your right hand and if possible refrain from licking your fingers;

Nudity is not acceptable in India, even on the beach, so topless-sunbathing will cause offence; If in doubt as to what is acceptable please ask your local guide who will be happy to explain the local customs

On occasions you may experience short ‘lapses’ in electricity supply, but please treat these as part of your Indian Adventure!

You will want to experience as much of India as you can during your holiday; we are always happy to help and advice but cannot be held responsible for things beyond our control.

Traveling in foreign countries is always an adventure, and each new country carries it’s own set of difficulties. Both socially and practically, India has it’s own very specific foibles, and we are here to help you navigate through your trip preparation all the way to your final flight home with the greatest of ease and comfort. The following information should cover all of the basics, but if you have further questions, feel free to contact South India Voyages at any time.