 The driver is normally at your disposal throughout the day. He will report early in the morning or stay back till late evening, when required. Keep him not just in service, but also alert, and in good spirits. Give him time off to eat his meals and to break for rest during long journeys. He ensures that you reach your destination in time. Set him free to arrange for his own accommodation once you reach your destination.
 Discuss with him, the time and details for your departure or city tour, the next day. Rested and well–fed, he will be back with a smile at your duty, the next morning.
 Unlimited Kilometres will be allowed based on your itinerary from your arrival and till departure

 For example (just in case) during your trip if you are not satisfied withyour driver or car, than you have the right to call me (24 hrs at my personalnumber: 94 87 12 9574) and i will change your driver or car (without any extracost).

 There are no hidden charges (100% sure) + no surprises.

 We will provide you an English speaking friendly, responsible and experienceddriver (minimum 10 years’ experience).

 In case of breakdown OR any kind of damage of car, we are 100% responsible(not customer). We change your car within the minimum time.

 Our cars are new, eco-friendly (no pollutions) and air condition. We don’tuse any cars older than 3 years.

 Even if you don’t want to rent the car from us, then also it will be mypleasure to help you to prepare your trip in India, so you are most welcome forany information about my beautiful India.

Please feel free for any further information’s or clarifications.

NB: We reply in maximum 12hrs, in case you don’t receive our reply within 12hrs, please do not hesitate to contact me again.